Optimising Scarce Resources

Regular price £1,500.00 Tax included.

Many MSMEs do not know or fully understand how much resources they actually have at their disposal. With this workshop, we will help MSME understand how to:

  • Maximise limited resources
  • Optimise scarce resources
  • Access free resources

Costs include all training materials and handouts supplied to participants electronically.

Toolkit: All participants receive a set of tools/templates so that they can implement the learning immediately.


  • Complimentary 45 min Mentoring to the value of £500 per MSME
  • Complimentary MSME Diagnostic to the value of £1,500 per MSME
  • Resource Optimisation Toolkit to the value of £2,500 per MSME

Duration: 1 Day            

Delivery: Live On-Line        

Toolkit: Yes

Pricing: as indicated per SME or £2,500 per MSME for Groups of 4+

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